Be You & Love It

You are so loved and so worthy of love, and before you know it, you’re going to believe that, too.

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A Course About Discovering & Loving the Real You

I’ve always believed that women are the key to changing the world.

Unfortunately most women aren’t able to make the impact God created them to make. You know why?

Because we don’t believe we’re good enough.

You, me, women everywhere are wandering through our lives as our own worst critics. We’re criticizing ourselves, beating ourselves up, never ever feeling good enough.

They say we are our own worst critics, and we are so aware of how true that really is. It’s a painful, difficult, crippling way to go through life.

But there’s a better way, and I can’t wait to show you.

On this journey, we’re silencing our inner critic for good. We’re removing the lies we’ve believed about ourselves for years putting on the truth of who God says we are.

But we’re not just putting it on. We’re going to learn to stand tall in it, walk in it, believe from the top of our head down to the bottom of our feet that we are who God says we are… that we are LOVED. And that knowledge changes everything… it might even change the world.

The Journey

Who Do You think you are?

I would venture a guess that very few of us know exactly what our identity is today. I know I didn’t. But it’s important that we figure it out because whether we’re aware of what we believe about ourselves or not, our beliefs tangibly change things in our lives. The things we believe about ourselves — things that may be distorted, off-base, or even totally false — are impacting our daily lives, our relationships, the good we can do in the world. And until we figure out what we believe about ourselves, there’s nothing we can do about that! So in Module One, that’s what we’re doing. You’ll learn where the pieces of your identity come from. You’ll discover what you actually believe to be true about yourself. (I think you’ll be surprised!) And lastly we’ll talk about why we have to work through this as soon as possible — why getting our identity in order is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, for our loved ones, and even for the world.

The 4-part Self-Defense Strategy That Stops Insecurity in its tracks

Before we free ourselves up from what we believe about ourselves already, we have to learn to protect ourselves from the thoughts, messages, comparison, and insecurities that could still come. The world is more than willing to tell us who we are, but we’re not going to let that happen anymore. I’m going to teach you my method for bringing in more of the voices and information that make you the best you, and keeping out the thoughts, comparisons, and messages that make you feel small and unworthy. Our inner critic is about to get some new material, and when we’re done, she’s going to be a kind and encouraging friend.

Making Our Identity Journey Easy, Organized, and Actionable

Our identity, thoughts, and self-image are gigantic, intangible things, and that can make them incredibly intimidating to face. I’m going to walk with you through my hands-on, practical process of sorting those bits of our identity and self-image into tangible pieces that we can then work through. We’re going to take something that can be incredibly overwhelming, and make it easy, organized, and actionable.

The way you see yourself is about to change forever

Now it’s time to work through those pieces. In this module we’re going to be busy. We’ll do 4 things: 1. Deal with other people’s opinions about us  You’ll learn how to forgive people for the things they’ve said about you, how to release yourself from other people’s opinions, and how to take the power to define you away from people who just shouldn’t have it. 2. Embrace (and learn to love) the realities about ourselves We’re going to talk about our appearance, our personality quirks, our pasts, and our family and I’m going to show you how to do three things with them. You’ll learn how to: a. Embrace them, b. Learn to love them, and c. Transform them into your greatest asset. 3. Remove the lies  We’ll figure out what lies you believe about yourself, and then we’ll remove them — taking the power and influence and fear right out of them, and replacing them with truth once and for all. 4. Bravely work through our tough-truths  We’re not perfect. Not today, and not at the end of this journey. And we’re not in the business of removing and casting off everything that’s uncomfortable. So we’re going to face the things that we still need to work on, and create an action plan for how to move through them and closer to the woman God created you to be.

Put on the truth and actually believe it

So many of us know the right things to say. We know we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We know we are a daughter of the King. We know we are without flaw. But knowing those things in our heads and knowing them in our hearts are two different things. The ability to recite those verses doesn’t help us when we’re being eaten alive by insecurity, or twisted up in comparison, or feeling like we’re not enough and too much all at the same time. And so in this module we’re going to put on the identity God has for us, and practice walking in it and believing it until it feels as true as it is. You are so loved, and so worthy of love, and by the end of this module, you’re going to believe it too.

Pass it on, change the world

Toni Morrison says “The function of freedom is to free someone else,” and I couldn’t agree more. So in this module that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to create a plan for how we can turn around and help the women behind us who need to know how loved they are, just like we did. We’re going to take the love and the freedom and the truth we’ve been given and we’re going to pass them on. Can you imagine what our world would look like if every woman knew how loved, cherished, and enough she was? In this module, we’re taking a gigantic step in that direction.

What does this include?

  • #1
    21 Coffee Dates (I mean… Videos)

    If I had my way, you and I would be sitting over coffee as we talk through your identity together. We’d be curled up in the corner of a coffee shop laughing and crying and telling stories and talking about the hardest but most important parts of our lives. These videos are the next best thing. In a series of 21 videos, you and I are going to work through your identity from start to finish. With guided stories, prayers, challenges, prompts, and exercises, we’re going to figure out who you are, who you’re not. Best of all, we’re doing it all together. And when we’re done, you are going to be the most YOU you’ve ever been, and you’re going to feel truly confident in your skin. So grab a cup of coffee, pull on a pair of your comfiest sweatpants, and let’s dive in.

  • #2
    A Downloadable Workbook

    You’ll receive a 60 page (lovely, I might add!) downloadable workbook full of exercises to help you walk through big ideas like identity, insecurity, and self-image in a tangible way. This workbook will help you sort the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you have about yourself, and then process through them one by one. In these exercises you’ll be removing the lies you’ve believed about yourself for so long. You’ll be given practical tools for how to transform your inner critic into a loving, and encouraging friend. You’ll walk through a process of taking off the things people have said about you, and activities to help you practice walking out the things that God says to be true about you until they feel as true as they are.

  • #3
    Access to a Private Be You & Love It Facebook Group

    Wrestling with our identity can be an isolating thing. It’s often such a personal struggle, and we don’t always feel like we have people to talk to about it, people who can help us along the way. Around here we know that life is so much better when we navigate it together, and so that’s what this group is going to do. It’s a private group of girls who are right there on the journey with you — girls to be honest with, to cry with, to laugh with, and girls to encourage you along the way.

  • #4
    Prayer And Encouragement

    By joining me on this journey, you’re becoming my people. I really invest in every single person going through this course. I’ll be praying for you, encouraging you through the Facebook group, and loving on you with everything I have. I can’t wait to get to know you!

  • #5
    Access To All Future Content

    As we add to the course, you’ll have access to all the new modules and bonuses as they become available. You’re a member for life!

This course is for you if...

You’ve ever felt like your insecurity was having a negative impact on your relationships, your family, your friendships, or your ability to do the things God created you to do.

You’ve ever met a woman who was just so confident in her skin and thought, “I wish I had that kind of confidence!”

You’ve ever felt like you’re waiting to be the perfect version of yourself before you can live the full life you want to live.

You’ve ever felt the need to cover up parts of who you are, your story, or your personality, your appearance because you’re afraid that if someone sees the full you, they’ll leave.

The course is closed right now love. But keep an eye out for when we open next!

We'd love to have you join us then!

Have some questions? We have answers!

How long will this course take me to complete?

That’s a great question! I purposefully didn’t assign a time frame to it, because I think we have enough places in our lives where we feel like we’re falling behind. I want you to feel free to take as long as you need to complete this journey without any shame, guilt, or pressure. There are twenty videos for this journey, and so if you do one video per week, this course will take you 5 months to complete. If you do two videos a week, this course will take you 2.5 months. I think two videos a week is a steady, but manageable pace because the lessons themselves are usually under 15 minutes long, and while there are assignments for each video, they usually will take an hour at the very most to complete.

What age groups is this intended for?

The content in this journey is applicable for women of all ages. I would generally recommend a starting age of 14 to begin (just because they’ll have more life experiences to work through if they wait until then), but there is no cap. The content in this course is applicable for women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and even 80’s!

Is this something men can do?

Nope. Sorry gentleman! This is journey is for girls only.

Is this course only for Christians?

No! Of course not! Anyone is welcome! However, I will warn you that the content in this course is taken straight from the Bible. We talk about Jesus, we pray, and we read scripture throughout. So if that’s something you’re comfortable with, go ahead and join us! But if you’re looking for something that’s more faith-neutral, this definitely isn’t it.

Is this a good thing to do in a group setting, or is this meant to be an individual journey?

Because this is such an intimate and personal journey, the videos and exercises are meant to be completely by yourself. However if you have friends who’s also signing up, you could keep pace together and discuss what you learn at the end of each section!

Can I share my login information with a friend and have her go through it too?

Each login is meant to be for one person only. We kindly and humbly ask that you don’t share the content of this course — the videos, the worksheets, the information — with anyone who hasn’t themselves purchased the course. The profits from this course allow us to pay our bills which allows us to continue doing what we believe we are meant to do in the world. And when copies are made, or login information is passed around, it really hurts our ability to continue. Thank you so much for your consideration and respect!

When will the doors be opened again?

Doors for this journey will only be opened just a few times a year, and we wont be adding anyone in late, or in between openings. No exceptions. So if this is something you’re thinking about now, go ahead and join us today!

Will the price stay the same, or is it going to go up?

This is likely the lowest the price will ever be. So if you’re thinking about going through it, we recommend going through it now before the price increases!

Why does this course cost what it does?

We have found that there’s a distinct correlation between how much something costs and how much time and effort we put into it. We believe so strongly in the content in this journey that we don’t want this to be something you take lightly. This isn’t a feel-good, confidence booster kind of course. This is a deep dive into the depths of our identity, remaking it from the bottom up until we are actually tall and totally confident in who God made us to be. As women, we are so quick to invest in everyone else before we invest in ourselves. We’ll spend money on our kids, our husbands, our friends, our parents, but we feel guilty when we spend money on ourselves. But you are worth investing in, and that’s exactly what this is. It’s an investment in yourself. Not only is this an investment in yourself, but it’s an investment in your relationships and in the work you were put on this earth to do. When we love ourselves and know who we are, it makes us better moms, wives, sisters, friends, employees, bosses… everyone benefits. So we know this isn’t cheap, but we also know it’s worth it. And to make it more affordable, we’ve added a monthly payment option. Our hope is that with some wiggling, re-working, and fiscal intentionality that you can join us. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! Finances are no joke, and we know that sometimes we find ourselves in situations where no matter how great something is, we just don’t have the funds to spare. So we give two options of payment plans. You can either purchase all at once, or you can pay a small amount over several months to give yourself a little bit of breathing room. It costs more overall if you do the payment plan, but it hopefully makes it easier to afford if you aren’t able to purchase it all at once.

Do you offer refunds?

We do. If you go through this course and aren’t satisfied, we’re happy to give you your money back. However in order to get your money back, we ask that you go all the way through the course, and show us that you did by sending us copies of your completed worksheets. We want to know you gave this your absolute all before giving up on it. And if you do that and still aren’t satisfied, we’re more than happy to refund you in full.

Is this course a substitute for counseling?

This course is designed to be an encouraging resource and a step in a healthy, positive direction, but it is not a replacement for professional in-person mentorship, counseling, or therapy.

I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. If you feel you are in need of help please reach out to a professional or call a help hotline in your area to help you through your time of need. If it feels urgent call your local law enforcement for immediate assistance.

I'm in!
  • Lifetime access to 21 videos (and counting! We’re always adding more!)
  • Membership in a private Facebook group with other women walking this journey with you
  • A 60-page downloadable workbook
  • Personal prayer and encouragement from Stephanie throughout the journey
  • The deep understanding of how loved you truly are (which is priceless… let’s be honest.)
Doors Are Currently Closed, Love
Monthly please!
for 12 months
  • Lifetime access to 21 videos (and counting! We’re always adding more!)
  • Membership in a private Facebook group with other women walking this journey with you
  • A 60-page downloadable workbook
  • Personal prayer and encouragement from Stephanie throughout the journey
  • The deep understanding of how loved you truly are (which is priceless… let’s be honest.)
Doors Are Currently Closed, Love

Here's what some lovely ladies have to say about this...

Stephanie - You have had such a big influence on me and I know so many others. I’ve been feeling insecure for years now and I’m finally feeling confident. You have helped me believe that I really was perfectly made. Thank you!

You have taught me so much. You helped me understand that the negative thoughts in my head just weren’t true. You helped me build so much confidence. You have helped me feel so confident in my skin, I now feel like I can do ANYTHING! Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping me feel confident about how God made me. You made it so much easier for me to become closer to God, and to love myself even more. I now understand that He really did make me perfect in His image, and that I AM good enough.

I'm in!
  • Lifetime access to 21 videos (and counting! We’re always adding more!)
  • Membership in a private Facebook group with other women walking this journey with you
  • A 60-page downloadable workbook
  • Personal prayer and encouragement from Stephanie throughout the journey
  • The deep understanding of how loved you truly are (which is priceless… let’s be honest.)
Doors Are Currently Closed, Love
Monthly please!
for 12 months
  • Lifetime access to 21 videos (and counting! We’re always adding more!)
  • Membership in a private Facebook group with other women walking this journey with you
  • A 60-page downloadable workbook
  • Personal prayer and encouragement from Stephanie throughout the journey
  • The deep understanding of how loved you truly are (which is priceless… let’s be honest.)
Doors Are Currently Closed, Love